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For further information about booking our outdoor activity centre, email using the details provided below.

The easiest way to get to Yorkshire Bunkhouse is by road. Although there are many routes into Rosedale Abbey, if you are arriving by coach, minibus or with caravan, you must approach via the A170, Wrelton then Cropton as Heygate Lane and Chimney Bank have access restrictions for these vehicles.

If you wish to travel by train, Malton train station is the nearest (35 minutes away) and there are a number of taxi companies in the area which will fulfil the remainder of your journey.

Once in Rosedale Abbey, you will find the centre is attached to the Rosedale Abbey Primary School, with a  “Rosedale School House ” sign on the front of the door.

Yorkshire Bunkhouse Rosedale Abbey Pickering North Yorkshire YO18 8SA


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