The Highwaymen Chimney Bank challenge

Yorkshire Bunkhouse was the venue for the inaugural Chimney Bank challenge. What a great event and superb location for hosting it all! See the full write-up here:

… and for some great pictures of the event:

Selamat tengah hari!

By David Mann and Chris Farrell, Lady Lumley’s School.

In the summer 16 of our students are heading off to Borneo for a once in a lifetime expedition deep into the jungle. In order to prepare the students for this cultural experience, we have arranged a number of workshops. The first one took place today, introducing the students to the intricacies of the Malay language.

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Our 4 day DofE Bronze week in Rosedale

By David Mann, Head of Outdoor Education, Lady Lumley’s School.

We are fortunate enough to have a massive cohort of about 200 students taking part in the DofE at Lady Lumley’s School, taking part in the Award at all levels. Our expeditions take place by foot, all our Silver expeditions are to be done by open canoe this year. Yorkshire Bunkhouse is an ideal base for our 4 day long expedition week – this year we had 110 students out!

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