MFL teambuilding at the bunkhouse!

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On Wednesday September 23rd a group of 14 Year 12 and 13 students from French, German, and Spanish travelled to Rosedale, accompanied by Miss Mark, Miss Wilson, Mr Mann, and Mr Heeley. On arrival at Rosedale the activities commenced. Activities included: the wooden skis, marbles, the helium stick, blindfolded jigsaw, juggling, interlinked handcuffs, tie a knot around a chair, and retrieve the bomb from the pool of custard sharks. After a few hours of activities we had a hot chocolate break. Next we went on a scavenger hunt and had to use languages to think of a word for all the letters in LADY LUMLEY’S LANGUAGES.

Following the scavenger hunt we needed to ask for ingredients in German, French, or Spanish so that we could then begin to cook. All the meals were authentic to each of the countries where the languages are spoken. In the end, the chili con carne and the rice both turned out well, in spite of the near disastrous experience when the rice got burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pot. I enjoyed the main meal, but I’m not sure about everyone else. The dessert was a success with the group, it consisted of stewed apples and vanilla ice cream. Next the board games were pulled out of the back of the cupboard. Each language was assigned a board game and we had to use languages while playing the game. After a few scalding and chilling showers we all went to bed. A chorus of alarms awoke all of us, after only a few hours of sleep. With a few of the same scalding or chilling showers, the German group prepared breakfast. Which consisted of bread rolls with an assortment of spreads and fillings. After breakfast we cleaned up the house and made our way back to school on the minibus. We were all exhausted but I think we all really enjoyed ourselves. And we all have memories we will never forget.

Heidi Murray Y12.