King’s Mill School at Rosedale

Below is a superb report from King’s Mill School, Driffield about their recent stay with us …

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Our recent Lifeskills Residential trip to Rosedale was another great success for all involved.  As well as setting themselves personal goals, such as ‘make my own packed lunch’ or ‘learn how to make my own bed’, pupils worked really well as part of a team, with small group challenges such as going shopping and cooking meals.  Highlights of this trip include:

  • Focus on independence & lifeskills – for the first time the students did all the shopping and took over Lidl in Pickering!  In pairs the pupils were given part of a shopping list eg dairy, fruit & veg, and had to shop for the 3 day trip.  This worked really well as part of a process that began in school planning meals and practising recipes, and culminated in the pupils doing all the cooking in the centre itself.
  • Pupil Progress – All pupils achieved their goals and some amazed us with how much extra progress they made, both in Life and Social skills.
  • Value for money – this trip continues to be excellent value for money and we actually budgeted better and spent less this time than on previous trips.

As always, the success of the trip is best described by the pupils and staff themselves – favourite moments include:

“Going to the village shop with my friend – all by ourselves with no adults!”

“Making a chocolate cake, nearly all by myself”

“Staying up late with my friends to watch a movie”

“Making the pasta bake and learning how to chop raw chicken!”

“Cleaning the plates with Andy; playing in the park; and everything else!”

“The Big Trevor Walk!”

“The Fish and Chips!”

“Helping each other on the long walk”

“I really enjoyed being part of this trip.  It was great to see pupils make so much progress, especially JL and even better it carried on back at school.”

“Thank you for asking me to be part of this trip.  It is great to see the students achieve so much that might help them later in life.”

“The highlight of the term!”