Selamat tengah hari!

By David Mann and Chris Farrell, Lady Lumley’s School.

In the summer 16 of our students are heading off to Borneo for a once in a lifetime expedition deep into the jungle. In order to prepare the students for this cultural experience, we have arranged a number of workshops. The first one took place today, introducing the students to the intricacies of the Malay language.

‘Selamat tengah hari’ means good afternoon in Malay and students are learning key phrases to enable them to understand more about the culture as well as communicating with the local people. Future workshops include the geography of Borneo, food and cultural awareness. A great time was had and all students left their workshop safe in the knowledge that they could engage in basic, everyday transactions in Borneo. Thank you to Rachel Wilson for leading the workshop.

Below: staff and students getting to grips with the language

Language evening Borneo