Our 4 day DofE Bronze week in Rosedale

By David Mann, Head of Outdoor Education, Lady Lumley’s School.

We are fortunate enough to have a massive cohort of about 200 students taking part in the DofE at Lady Lumley’s School, taking part in the Award at all levels. Our expeditions take place by foot, all our Silver expeditions are to be done by open canoe this year. Yorkshire Bunkhouse is an ideal base for our 4 day long expedition week – this year we had 110 students out!

The students receive comprehensive weekly training sessions at school, covering aspects such as navigation, emergency procedures and camp-craft and also take part in a practice expedition.

In July we offer them an intense week of DofE, giving them two days of quality training, including First Aid and CPR and other valuable skills. This is a chance for the students to make those common mistakes, under the watchful eye of their leader and reviewing and reflecting on this training. We also treat them to a hearty meal of burger and chips the night before their assessment expedition. Obviously, we don’t have 110 students in the centre, we make use of local farmer’s field as a campsite (which we can arrange for you) and use the centre as a training base for students and somewhere for our staff to stay and coordinate the expedition.

below: The basic plan for the week


The students find this training week very tiring, but rewarding and we have very few drop out. It clearly develops grit, resilience and determination with our students.  We find that this week prepares them really well for carrying on to Silver, Gold.

So, if you are thinking of using the bunkhouse as a base for your leaders (at a discounted rate for DofE leaders), please get in touch with us and we can help you organise a bespoke package.

below: some of our Gold students using the moors around Rosedale for Night Navigation