The three Bs of climbing…

 By David Mann and Dom Wilson, Lady Lumley’s School.

Inspired by the three Bs of paddle sport, Body, Boat, Blade, we applied (stole!) this concept to our students’ climbing. Body, Boot, Brain was born. The aim, to allow our students to take ownership of their future climbing development and progress into highly skilled climbers.

This article discusses the three Bs….

Planting a seed to succeed is a crucial aspect of teaching and learning at Lady Lumley’s School. The Bs are driven by the students’ thirst for learning autonomy, both in and outside the classroom.

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The 3 Bs incorporate brain, body and boot and their symbiotic nature. During KS3 climbing sessions, students are introduced to this aspect of climbing, allowing climbers of all learning styles to maintain good progress throughout their climbing lesson.

Here are the 3 Bs:

Brain: Students are asked to plan their route in advance and look at tactics to ensure efficient, skilled climbing. This makes their climbing pro-active rather than reactive. We also look at the key safety points of climbing.

Body: We look at how the body can be used in order to demonstrate good climbing. The use of video and peer assessing allows us to perfect body position.

Body: Often the most overlooked part of climbing for beginners, the boot. Here we look at footwork. The position of the feet, their direction and use of the feet to create power in climbing.

The end result…

These simple 3 Bs allow the students to focus on 3 key areas, creating skilled, autonomous climbers who can clearly see the progress they have made and guide others on how to become even better climbers.